Apartments for Portlaoise buiding that was part of an €84 million Celtic Tiger project

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



The Maltings Portlaoise.

Extensive plans have been drawn up to refurbish one of Portlaoise's landmark buildings for residential purposes.

Holli's Corner Limited is to apply to Laois County Council for planning permission to carry out work at the Maltings near Portlaoise Train Station.

The company wants to change the building from industrial to residential use. It plans to refurbish the existing structure including external works. Interal alterations are planned including the removal of walls and floors.

The refurbishment work is being carried out to facilate the building of eight apartments. It is also planned to add a new 'lightweight' structure at second storey level to house four new appartments.

It is planned to replace the existing windows with aluminium framed double glazing. New openings for windows are also in the designs.

An existing hard stand to the east of the building facing Coote Street will be removed.

The Maltings site, which includes land at Harpur’s Lane, has been rezoned by Laois County Council in the new Portlaoise Local Area Plan from residential to mixed use.

The Council designated The Maltings land as an Opportunity Site. 

ONS Developements has plans for housing and commercial developments on a linked tract of land.

The Maltings site was the location of one of the biggest property development collapses outside Dublin during the property crash. A nine story development was planned for the Maltings site in 2006, but the plans fell through but not without a cost to the taxpayer.

An €84.5 million loan was advanced by Anglo Irish Bank, subsequently bailed out by the Governement with public money, to purchase and develop land around the existing buildings.