More houses planned for large Portlaoise estate

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

More houses planned for large Portlaoise estate

An aerial Google view of Kilminchy estate in Portlaoise

Planning permission is being sought for another 18 houses fitted in to one of Laois' biggest housing estates.

Kilminchy estate in Portlaoise was built during the Celtic Tiger, with 760 houses planned and most of them built.

Now another 18 are to be added near the lakes in the estate.

Twomilehouse Construction is to apply for permission from Laois County Council for the houses.

First they seek to amend planning permission for a terraced block of three units at 59 Lake Drive, to turn it into a four unit block.

Next they seek to build three blocks each with three 3-bedroom two storey terraced houses.

This are Type C houses at 63b Lake Drive and 23b and 36 Lake Glade; Type C1 houses at 63a Lake Drive and 23a and 36a Lake Glade; Type C2 at 63 Lake Drive and 23 and 36b Lake Glade.

Permission is also sought to retain and complete two blocks each with four 2-bedroom two storey terraced houses. These are Type A style houses at 1 Lake Vale and 11 Lake Way; Type A1 at 1a Lake Vale and 11a Lake Way; A2 at 3a Lake Vale and 21a Lake Grove and Type A3 at 3 Lake Vale and 21 Lake Grove.

The notice of planning application is in this week's Leinster Express.