Thousands of families in Laois and Offaly at the mercy of landlords claims TD

Justin Kelly & Conor Ganly


Justin Kelly & Conor Ganly


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Laois Offaly TD Brian Stanley supports

Thousands of ranters in Laois and Offaly are at the mercy of landlords who will try to exact excessive or extortionate rents according to the Sinn Féin TD for the two counties. 

Deputy Brian Stanley raised the issue of the lack of affordable housing in the constituency in the Dáil. He issued a satement afterwards.

“Across Laois and Offaly, there are thousands of families trapped in the rental market at the mercy of rack-renting landlords.

“Unfortunately for many of these families, their income is just above the very low threshold required of council housing waiting lists and at the same time they have no hope of a mortgage off a bank.

“Sinn Féin’s proposals are aimed at providing a solution for these workers and families, the real squeezed middle, who have no access to affordable or cost-rental housing. The lack of ambition or urgency from the ‘Conservative Coalition’ is difficult to understand.

“In Laois, rents are up 7.3% to an average of €1,002 compared to last year. Offaly is showing a similar increase, up 5.7% to €935. A family of four can’t get on the housing waiting list if they earn over €528 a week and a couple without children can’t have an income above €504. This is totally unsustainable. Sinn Féin wants to deliver solutions for these workers and their families.

“We want a minimum of 100,000 public homes delivered over the next five years through a mix of social, cost-rental and affordable housing to buy. No family should be paying more than 30% of their income on housing and it should be accessible for couples earning below €75,000 and single people below €50,000. Our proposal offers an alternative housing model led by the State to deal with the housing and rental crisis.

“The market only model failed, and the new Government has an opportunity to show whether it is on the side of the workers and their families, or the side of landlords and developers.”

Commenting on the response of the Government, Dep Stanley has said that the coalition approach lacks any targets for the delivery of affordable to purchase homes or cost rental.

“A firm plan and clear targets are necessary to enable those workers families trapped in insecure private rental accommodation to provide a home for themselves," he concluded.