Almost half of Laois affordable mortgage applications refused

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

Almost half of Laois affordable mortgage applications refused

Nearly half of the applications for an affordable mortgage to Laois County Council have been turned down.

Many of the applicants could not have afforded to repay the loans, the council has said.

Since the Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan scheme was introduced in Ireland in February 2018, there have been 97 applications approved by Laois County Council.

Another 91 applicants were refused.

The council gave the various reasons that the loans were refused, in an update to the March council meeting.

“Some of the reasons for negative outcomes include: don’t have the deposit required; repayment on the mortgage would exceed 30/35% of their income; already at capacity with other loans; credit rating issues.”

A Laois councillor believes it is too difficult to qualify for the loans.

“It has become nearly impossible for a young couple to afford a housing loan,” Cllr John King said.

The Director of Services is Joe Delaney.

“The Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan is there for those who find it difficult with restrictions and rules to get a home loan through commercial operators. 

“We can publicise it more locally in Laois. Running at 50/50 approval is not ideal, but it is a reflection that you have to ensure the person is in a position to repay,” he said.