Electric Picnic stage times: Theatre of Food, Mindfield, Electric Arena, Cosby Stage, Little Big Tent

Electric Picnic stage times: Theatre of Food, Mindfield, Electric Arena, Cosby Stage, Little Big Tent

Stage times for Electric Picnic 2016

Theatre of Food


Electric Arena

Cosby Stage

Little Big Tent

Electric Arena

Friday 2nd September Super Furry Animals 22.45 00.00

Todd Terje 21.0 022.15

Broken Social Scene 19.30 20.30

Saturday 3rd September

Years & Years00.1501.15

The Shin s22.30 23.45

The Avett Brothers 21.00 22.00

Jack Garrett19.30 20.30

Walking on Cars18.1519.00

Lindsey Stirling16.45 17.30

Wyvern Lingo 15.15 16.00

Neon Wolf 13.4514.30

Sunday 4th September

Skepta 22.00 00.00

Bat For Lashes 21.15 22.15

Wolf Alice19.4520.45

Wild Beasts18.1519.15



CC Brez14.0014.45

Theatre of Food

Friday 2nd SeptemberTalks and Demos

Cork Cooking17.00

Salted Fish18.00

Real Bread Rising18.40

Diva Cocktails19.15


Cold Brew Coffee17.00

Chinese Street Food18.00

Mexican Paper Flowers 19.00

Saturday 3rd September

Talks and Demos

Hangover Causes and Cures 12.00

The World of the Happy Pear12.40

The Virtuous Tart13.20

Natural Born Feeder14.00

Cooking with Clodagh14.40

25x4 : A Musical Food Performance 15.20

Gulp 2.016.00

Kev & Sham Go Coconuts 16.40

Chef's Debate17.30

Smoke 18.00

Food as Medicine 18.40

Classic Bacardi Cocktails19.20

Saturday Workshops

Food as Medicine12.30

Drinks Pairing Workshop14.00

Chocolate Workshop15.00

Oyster Opening 16.00

Pot Stickers17.00

Speed Tasting 18.30

Sunday 4th Septmber

Sunday talks and demos

Cosby Stage

DayArtistsTime (start)Time (Finish)

Saturday 3rd September

King Kong Company23.0000.00


Kevin MorbyOtherkin20.0020.45



Pleasure Beach14.1515.00


Sunday 4th September


Oh Wonder21.3022.15

Ezra Furman20.1521.00



Frankie Cosmos16.3017.15

Meilyr Jones15.1516.00

Wild // Youth14.0014.45

Little Big TentDayArtistsTime (start)Time (Finish)

Saturday 3rd September

Daniel Avery01.3003.00

New Jackson12.0001.20

Jessy Lanza22.4523.30

Mura Masa21.3022.15

Little Simz20.1521.00

Rusangano Family19.0019.45


Hare Squead16.3017.15



Aine Cahill13.3014.00

Sunday 4th September

Pantha Du Prince23.0000.00

Mount Kimble21.3022.30

Shit Robot20.3021.30



Saint Sister16.4517.30


Tim Chadwick14.3015.00

Mindfield - The WordDayArtistsTime (start)Time (Finish)

Friday 2nd September

Reprisal 16.0016.30

Reverend JM's Panic Workshop16.4517.15

John Conneelly 17.3018.00

Special Guest 18.1518.45

Dublins Underground Beat 19.0019.30

Backroad Smokers Club19.4520.15

Fallen Lights20.3021.15

The Resurrection21.3022.30

New Valley Wolves22.4523.45

Saturday 3rd September

The Hangover Club11.0012.00

Candletit Tales12.0012.55




The Moth16.0016.45

Clara Rose Thornton16.4517.00

The Brownbread Mixtape17.0017.55

The Poetry Divas18.0018.25

Graham Sweeney18.3018.55

The Gallery Sessions present The Whileaways19.0019.45

Mik Artisik's Ego Trip20.0020.45

Stone and Jezreel21.0021.45

Good Man Sheila22.0023.00

Sunday 4th September

The Hangover Club11.0011.55

Candlelight Tales12.0012.55

Brian Flemming13.0013.40

Acoustic Dan13.4514.00


Cuirt Slam Showcase15.0015.55


The Brownbread Mixtape17.0017.55

Mik Artisik's Ego Trip18.0018.40

David Donogue and Mademoiselle K18.4519.20

The Gallery Sessions present 'Tir Na Og'19.3020.10


Mary Coughlan20.3021.15


Cronin and Special Guests22.0023.00

Mindfield- LeviathanDaysArtistsTimes (Start) Times (Finish)

Friday 2nd September

Salon du Chat14.0017.50

Avant Gardai18.0019.00

See: Hear- Nick Kelly19.1020.20

Wateford Whispers News: Live20.3020.40

Saturday 3rd September

Salon Du Chat11.0012.50

Amnesty Hour13.0014.20

Soundings Podcast- Dylan Haskins and Sharon Horgan14.3015.30

History Ireland Hedge School15.4016.40

The Experts Bite Back hosted by Pat Kenny16.5017.50

Twenty One Sixteen Parliament 18.0019.00

Leviathan: 3D Debate with Colm O'Regan and 3pin Audio Visual19.0019.10

Wateford Whisperers News: Live

Sunday 4th September

Salon Du Chat11.0012.50

Late Late Sunday with Miriam O'Callaghan and Al Porter and special guests13.0014.20

History Ireland Hedge School: Battle of the Somme: Heroic Sacrafice or Senseless Slaughter? 14.3015.30

What the fuck is culture anyway? Hosted by Blindboy Boat Club15.4016.40

Leviathan 3D Debate with Colm O'Regan and 3pin Audiovisual16.5017.50

Paddy Cullivan: The Dark Secrets of 191618.0019.00

Waterford Whispers News: Live19.0019.10

Mindfield- Theatre StageDays ArtistsStart (Time)Finish (Time)

Saturday 3rd September

The Fast Food Collective presents Made up 12.00

Always Alone Together13.30

From Eden15.00

Just a shot away (just a kiss away) 16.30

Sunday 4th September

Love and War12.00

16 and Rising Project presented by Super Paua with the support of the arts council 13.30

Rebel Rebel15.00

After 62%17.00

Mindfield - Science GalleryDaysArtistsStart (Time) Finish (Time)

Saturday 3rd September

HANDS ON! - Workshops and interactive demos 12.0015.00

Ignite: Cabaret of inspiring 5- minute talks15.0016.00

Urban Farming Unearthed16.0017.00

A cornucopia of curious performances and inspiring talks17.0018.00

Sunday 4th September

HANDS ON! - Workshops and interactive demos12.0015.00

A cornucopia of curious performances and inspiring talks15.0018.00

Mindfield- Puball GaeilgeDaysArtistsStart (Times) Finish (Times)

Friday 2nd September


Scoraiocht Sa Phuball18.0021.2

Paidir roimh spraoi na h-Oi21.30

Saturday 3rd

Imbolc- Ted Talks Na Gaeilge12.00


80s Karaoke as Gaeilge14.00




An Cabaret Craicealta18.00

Paidir roimh spraoi na h-Oi21.30

Sunday 4th September


Eire: Conas teach slan13.30

Sexy Sean Nos14.30

Cuimilt Foirfe15.00

Fibin Star Wars16.00

Na Gaibiri17.00

Siamsa Nos18.30

Paidir roimh Spraoi na h-Oi21.30