Lyrical walk through a land of poetry


Lyrical walk through a land of poetry

Rathdowney poet Michael Creagh will lead a walking tour of Rathdowney, reciting his poems with music and sound effects at many of the sites and locations which feature in his poems.

This will take place on Sunday, October 2, in conjunction with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque of the 1916 proclamation.

Michael will be accompanied on the walking tour by a host of young local actors in costume, bringing his poetic imagery to life.

In 2003 Farmer Michael Creagh published his first book of poetry about his memories of people and places in the Rathdowney Errill parish entitled The Rhymes of a Rustic Boy. Then in 2006 he published his second book entitled The Return of the Rustic Boy.

The walking tour event will be the first of its kind ever attempted in town.

Contact Michael on 087 9407573.