Enjoy Lemon Pie for the summer in Portarlington


Enjoy Lemon Pie for the summer in Portarlington

There was taste of summer last week in Portarlington, when the town’s musical youth staged their inaugural session of the season.

Lemon Pie Records, a group of talented young artists from the Portarlington area, have been performing on a regular basis at Portarlington's number one venue, The Barrow Lodge on French Church Street.

Last weekend on Saturday May 20, the group performed along with some other local artists at their first summer gig and the biggest one they have done yet.

It was an unmissable event where the crowd was treated a range of music genres such as classic vinyl, live hip hop, techno, disco, house and more.

DJs on the day were Paul Byrne, AdwArt, Peter Duff, Kill-La, and l00cifa.

The MCs included Steo Skitz, Shinobi, 2E, Psychlone, Hevi J, and Lemon Pie (Aggy Aoi, Baz Manson, Crim, Ryan and Rissla)

For more information please visit The Barrow Lodge or Lemon Pie Records Facebook pages.