Attack the block for summer fun


Attack the block for summer fun

There’s constructive fun at the Lego and Technics summer camp running at the Dunamaise Arts Centre next week.

This promises fun, social and creative Lego and Technic brick building for children of all ages and skills levels.

Junior builders’ themes include Lego City, fairy tale stories, medieval castles, as well as lots of fun games and challenges. Senior builders will make motorised and remote controlled machines using Technic Lego and create programs to control their inventions.

History is blended in for an extra layer of discovery and fun with Romans, Medieval sieges and ancient Egyptian themes.

The workshops run from Monday July 24 to Friday July 28, from 10am to 1pm for ages four to seven, at a cost of €85 per child; and from 2pm to 5pm for ages eight to 12, at a cost of €100 per child.

There is a 10% deposit for siblings.