Arlandia are the Foo for you in Portlaoise


Arlandia are the Foo for you in Portlaoise
By arts reporter @laoisnews

A tribute to one of the world’s biggest rock bands, Foo Fighters, continues the series of tribute gigs in Manhattan Mixer in Portlaoise this month.

Arlandria are Ireland’s definitive Foo Fighters tribute act, delivering the most powerful and authentic reproduction of the Foo’s sound and stage performance in the country.

Their live show is quickly gaining notoriety with its stunning accuracy and attention to detail. Each member is a passionate fan and a phenomenal musical talent, each perfectly emulating the musical presence of their Foo Fighter.

The shows are explosive whirlwinds of energy and bring out the best in every crowd that’s rocked through the 90s, but don’t worry if you’re not a Foo Fighters fanatic, because you’ll be going home as one.

Every album from every glorious era of Dave Grohl’s rock supergroup is showcased with all the raw power and dynamics of the original band. From the straight-outta-Nirvana grunge days to the visceral garage rock of the latest records, experience all the anthems of the last 22 years that have stadiums of people singing till they lose their voice.

Experience the live music of the Foo Fighters as it’s meant to be heard, up-close and personal.

Arlandria play Manhattan Mixer on Saturday, September 30, from 9pm to 12am.