The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock 'Cleanse Off Mitt' masterclass in Portlaoise

Express Reporter


Express Reporter

The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock 'Cleanse Off Mitt' masterclass in Portlaoise

The Skin Nerd, aka Jennifer Rock, has taken the online beauty and skincare industries by storm over the past year.

From creating her own product 'The Cleanse Off Mitt' from scratch to starting her own online skin care consultancy, The Skin Nerd is a force to be reckoned with.

Jennifer's passion for skincare is second to none and she has dedicated her business to educating people on skincare and helping them to achieve the best skin possible through a 360 degree approach taking things like diet, exercise, makeup and beauty products into account.

As well as all of the serious work she does to spread the good word on skincare, J-Rock is hugely popular on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram for having the craic and being a girl we would all like to be friends with!

The Cleanse Off Mitt has been a huge success, the mitt fits your hand and is designed to take makeup off with warm water and no need for extra cleansing products.

Since investing fully in her business, The Skin Nerd has grown and Jennifer has been able to hire skin 'Nerdettes' who share her passion for skincare.

Nerdette Shannon from The Skin Nerd empire is coming to Portlaoise this week to do a demo on the Cleanse Off Mitt, answer skincare questions and do a cleansing masterclass.

This is an exciting opportunity for any fans of The Skin Nerd and her skincare message to go along and take in some top tips.

The demo will take place in Hughes Pharmacy, Portlaoise from 1-2pm on Thursday, September 14.

There will be an opportunity to get your hands on the much loved Cleanse Off Mitt as the first five people to walk into the pharmacy and say "I am here to meet Shannon" will get a free mitt!

This is an exciting way to spend your lunchtime if you are in the area and a fan of The Skin Nerd.

For more information see Hughes Pharmacy Facebook Page here.

Visit The Skin Nerd website here.