Facts to drive you batty in time for Halloween


Facts to drive you batty in time for Halloween

Bat Conservation Ireland has created a new website for primary school children and their teachers called Learn About Bats (www.learnaboutbats.com), which is being launched in time for Hallowe'en.

The website includes beautiful illustrations from award winning children's author and illustrator Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick and photographs by Paul van Hoof.

It centres around a number of 'Bat Fact' pages, each of which addresses a specific topic, such as 'Irish Bats', 'Are Bats Blind?' or 'Are Bats Good or Bad?' These bat fact pages also have downloadable worksheets for follow-on work.

As well as science information the website includes ideas for art and craft projects, as well as colouring sheets and, specifically for teachers, a downloadable pdf slide presentation with explanatory notes to add to the classroom experience.

The website was funded by donations, grant assistance from the Irish Environmental Network and Bat Conservation Ireland's own funds.