'Young Yarns' set to take place in Rathdowney

'Young Yarns' set to take place in Rathdowney
By arts reporter ryan@leinsterexpress.ie @laoisnews

The Spake Spinners storytelling nights in Rathdowney have been a great hit and the organisers have decided to run a night exclusively featuring young people.

Organisers are looking for individual boys or girls of any ability or nationality from 3rd to 6th class who would be prepared to get up in front of an audience of about 40 people and tell/act out a little joke, yarn or poem of their own choosing.

The piece can be their own competition and anyone who wishes to act with maybe one friend is welcome, but the aim would be individual as opposed to group acts.

Entrants can use their own imagination if they wish to don a costume, and if and when the organisers get enough acts for a 90-minute show, with interval, they will have to stop taking names.

The night will be called ‘Young Yarns’ and will be held in an intimate Rathdowney venue using no microphones or amplification on a non-school night in late January.

This is not a competition and there will not be auditions, for now anyone interested can private message Michael Creagh with the name and contact number of those who would like to take part.

For an idea of what sort of thing organisers are looking for check out comedian Maureen Potter, Kilkenny storyteller Jim Maher or Kerry storyteller Eamonn Kelly online.