Latitude in painting at Dunamaise Arts Centre


Latitude in painting at Dunamaise Arts Centre
By arts reporter @laoisnews

Dunamaise Arts Centre is proud to present Latitudes an exhibition by Tom Climent, which will continue in the gallery until February 28.

Tom Climent is a painter based in Cork City. His work over the last twenty years or so has varied from paintings of figurative, urban and landscape subjects, sometimes referencing the history of painting.

His most recent work tends to focus on the creation of a structured space, while investigating the boundaries between abstraction and representation.

This new series of paintings is focused around spatial constructs and how they might provide a structured space in our environment.

Referencing landscape, various types of structures and natural phenomena, the compositions range from the visually complex to simple basic structures.

The paintings also investigate materiality and aesthetics.

“The way I work is largely intuitive, painting for me starts a process of discovering unintended connections and relationships, of trying to search for reason and meaning in each work that emerges,” he explained.

“The first marks and structures create the environment for a process that requires me to constantly re-evaluate what’s important so I can find out what the painting will be. I feel as if I’m in a relationship with the painting, it guides me as much as I control it.”

For further information about Tom Climent see The exhibition continues at Dunamaise Arts Centre until February 28.