The magic of life in the Land of the Dead in Coco


The magic of life in the Land of the Dead in Coco

Damn those manipulative geniuses at Pixar! With Coco they've once again managed to imbue their beautifully animated imagery with enough emotion to make a grown man cry.

A young mariachi playing an old lullaby on his guitar to his wizened great-grandmother is the latest magical moment from the studio that deserves immortality in the pantheon of classic children’s cinema. It joins the heartbreaking opening of Up, or Andy saying goodbye to Buzz and Woody before heading off to college in Toy Story 3, or the family hug at the end of Inside Out which brought together Riley’s Joy and Sadness in one bittersweet rush.

Little Miguel, whose Mexican family have outlawed music, takes a trip to the carnival-coloured Land of the Dead in search of his great-great grandfather in this subtle heartstring-tugger, which manages to be both a rollicking adventure story and a moving treatise on the importance of striking a balance between loving your family and following your dreams.

Coco is in cinemas now.