Laois farm memories in print

Laois farm memories in print

Memories of growing up on a County Laois farm feature in ‘Happy Days and Hard Times’, a superb collection of visitor memories at the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life.

Having just been reissued for print due to its initial success, the book is a series of stories contributed by the general public during their visit to the museum and draws on their experiences and memories of country life.

Included in the collection are memories from a County Laois visitor who remembers her mother milking six cows before school each morning. The book is a thought provoking response to the extensive Folklife collection held at the museum.

This beautifully sentimental book, which evokes strong memories such as collecting hay in the summer or fetching water from the well, was compiled by the museum’s documentation officer, Joanne Hamilton.

The project was initiated in 2013 to encourage museum visitors to engage in the process of reminiscence during their visit.

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