Budgets, Rockers, & hypnotherapy

President Meree O Sullivan presents the Bronze Competent Toastmasters award to Mark Bastow. Meree O Sullivan who won the Area final of the International Speech Competition. She also represented the Portlaoise Club in the Divisional final. (Photograph Bryan Holland )
Last Monday’s meeting at Toastmasters was a very exciting get together for the Portlaoise club.

Last Monday’s meeting at Toastmasters was a very exciting get together for the Portlaoise club.

President Meree O Sullivan presented a very skilled Toastmaster, Mark Bastow, with his Competent Communicator Bronze Award. This was an impressive award for Mark to accomplish and the president expressed how proud the club is of his achievement.

Chairperson for the evening was Mary Killeen. Mary chaired a very well prepared and structured meeting. Bridget Dalton, a new member, presented the expression, ad hoc, and challenged each person to use it during the evening. Helen Delaney offered a very informative talk on hypnotherapy as an alternative therapy. Helen is a distinguished speaker and her speech made very impressive listening.

Maura Glynn spoke of the importance of clarity and not assuming that everyone has the same experiences, lives and problems as we do ourselves. Maura is a very sincere speaker who has a very distinct style of her own. Her speech made compelling listening.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick gave an introduction to budgeting. His talk gave an in-depth study to the subject, answering all the what, where, when, who and how of budgeting. Jimmy is an unforgettable speaker.

Evaluators Mark Bastow, Mary White and Bryan Holland ably gave feed-back to the speakers.

Bryan Holland chaired a wide ranging and very enjoyable Topics Session. Subjects as varied as the tribute concert to Phil Lynott, to Caribbean Cruises, to deodorants and passports were discussed.

Toastmasters takes place in the Killeshin Hotel every 2nd Monday at 8pm.