Pop-up Wellness hub brings mental health to the people

Pop-up Wellness hub brings mental health to the people

The organisers of Laois Connects are bringing their message to the people this year, so to speak in conjuction with the HSE and Laois Shopping Centre.

This year will see a new initiative of a popup Wellness Hub located in the Portlaoise centre of James Fintan Lalor.

Open from Monday October, 10th to October 15th, the focus of this hub is on positive mental health wellbeing targeting all age groups.

Events will include a primary school art project based on the theme “Inside Out”.

Entries will be displayed throughout the week at the popup hub and each child will receive a certificate of participation and there will also be individual prizes and merit awards.

Children and young adults are encouraged to come along with their parents as there will be lots of fun events throughout the week which will include face painting, colouring dress up and a balloon release. Our aim is to allow young people express themselves in their own unique way.

There will also be a series of Q&A workshops where the general public can come and meet professionals working in Mental Health Promotion to discuss any topics in relation to their mental health well being.

There will also be several skills workshops and a wellness cafe saloon where you can come along and learn new ways to cope with the stresses and strains of life.

We will also be running a number of relaxation type therapies which will include Mindfullness a meditation practice that improves emotional wellbeing and reduces stress.

Yoga which provides many health benefits for both your mind and body. As well as improving flexibility and posture it also helps to improve sleep, increase energy levels but most of all it provides an inner calmness. Massage is a manual therapy that manipulates the soft tissues. It decreases muscle tension and stress levels, relieves discomfort and helps you feel more relaxed overall.

If you’re feeling more energetic there will be a half day of Zumba Dance, a fun fitness routine that helps increase self confidence and positive body image.

There will also be a fun bingo session for all who are feeling lucky with lots of spot prizes.

You will also have the opportunity to meet with the people who run our voluntary organisations and other community services within the Laois area.

There will be display stands providing information but you will also be able to chat one on one with the organisation’s front people.

Finally there will have a Positive Thought Tree on display we invite you to place your positive thoughts and tips on mental Health wellbeing to share with others.

“We believe we can all learn from each other and from this week of events so please come along and get involved.

“We look forward to your participation and together as a community let us live more positive healthy lives,” say the hub organisers..

The Wellness Hub is just one of many events the organisers of Laois Connects invite the people of Laois to participate in from October 8-15.

Laois Connects is a yearly initiative in promoting positive mental health to all communities in Laois in collaboration with the voluntary organisations, HSE, Laois Partnership and Laois Co. Council. It is supported by the Leinster Express.

“As a community we have struggled in the past to discuss mental health issues. It is important that we as a community learn more about mental health and understand the impact of poor mental health in our daily lives,” say the organisers

The aim of the week is to encourage the community to talk about mental health.

Our programme of events reflects the World Health Organisation definition of mental health as “A state of wellbeing in which every individual realises his/her own potential can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to is/her community” It is a standard of personal care that we can all strive towards achieving.