Fun training for Portlaoise prefects


Fun training for Portlaoise prefects

The 14 new prefects of Portlaoise College recently embarked on Leadership training at Carlingford Adventure Centre in Louth.

Their training focused on leadership and team skills. While they bonded, they learned to cooperate, listen, talk and delegate tasks.

“We had to face many challenges as a team. When we started off, all did not go as planned. We succeeded in the end but there was room for improvement,” said prefect PRO Agnieszka Czerwik.

“As we kept going, we bonded more until we could face challenges as a team, listening and communicating with each member. It was truly a great experience which brought us all closer. When we were done, we all agreed with the statement ‘there is strength in numbers’,” she said.

Over two days they took on tasks like Spider web, Tutankhamon totem, canoeing and Frisbee golf.

“Training was great fun, but it was also about planning for next year, talking about our tasks and making decisions. We got great help from Ms Cripps and Mr Travers,” said another prefect.

“We are looking forward to the year ahead and hope to give a good example to junior students,” said Agnieszka.

Prefects are Wiktor Grzegolski, Hann Hangea, Nikola Holubova, Lauren Hui, Giresse, Kanyamuhanga (Chairperson), Kevin Krol, Shantell Lawless, Christopher O’Connor (Sec), Tyrone Okonkwu, Naoise Toland & Ciara Walsh, Head Prefects are Niamh Delaney & Kerry Carroll Talbot.