Beer goggles an eye opener for Mountrath

Driving lessons

Beer goggles an eye opener for Mountrath

By Phoebe Makim

Mountrath Community School TY students learned about the dangers of the misuse of alcohol by taking part in a Drivers Education module with the Irish School of Excellence.

This course covered many aspects of driving but dangers of drink driving with the use of 'beer goggles' made an impact on many students.

The 'goggles' are designed to replicate the feeling of being drunk and outline the extreme hazards of drunkenness and drunk driving. They allowed students to experience the effects of alcohol on coordination.

It was nearly impossible for students to walk straight or catch a ball because the goggles distort vision just as alcohol does to drivers.

Emma Garvey found the goggles the most enjoyable yet eye-opening part of the day.

“I especially loved trying on the goggles and trying to walk and run with them,” she said.

During the two day course, on November 23 and 24, three instructors also gave the students an insight into driving and car mechanics.

They also taught students basic skills needed such as how to change a tyre.

Students also took a safety awareness and theory test online.

All students found it enjoyable and useful as they believe driving will be a valuable life skill.

TY student Evan Power saw the benefit.

“Completing this course gives every student practical experience in a useful skill we will need in life,” he said.

An internet problem on day two meant some students could not complete the theory test but this inconvenience did not take away from the enjoyment of the day.