Giving life to the local stories of Camross Parish


Giving life to the local stories of Camross Parish

Life’s Story – at the foot of Slieve Bloom was, conceived by Peter Dooley, Lar Hogan and Paul Dunne to record the stories of some of the senior people in Camross Parish on video so that these stories could be preserved for this and future generations.

The stories that unfolded recount a time when life was more simple, lived at a slower pace and with much less material posessions. But they were happy times, times that shape the parish we live in today.

The participants were Hannah Dooley, Mick Dowling, Mick Lalor, Paddy Dooley, Sam Chambers, Con Galvin and Tommy Dooley. Each of them had a different perspective, but all had very interesting stories and insights on what life was like farming, in forestry, building coaches and carts, working in the UK and much more.

The project takes the format of each participant being recorded in conversations with Peter Dooley. The project was directed and filmed by Paul Dunne. The whole project would not have happened but for Lar Hogan, who pulled everything together and produced the project.

The Box Set of Life’s Story comprises of 8 video DVDs totalling over 8 hours in length. They can be purchased from Sheeran’s Pub, Coolrain or online at, where you can find out more details about the project.

At only €70 for the set, they represent great value and will be a collection to keep, hopefully for generations to come. They will become an important record of the social history of Camross.

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