Gangland criminal turned evangelist visits Mountrath


Gangland criminal turned evangelist visits Mountrath

Mountrath students were moved by the vivid story of how a gangland criminal turned to religion, when reformed London gangland figure turned evangelist speaker, John Pridmore the Community School recently.

He gave them an honest account of his former life as a gangland criminal, leading to his new and fulfilling role as an evangelist.

The students were struck by his vivid recounting of the “meaningless and despairing” crimes he committed, and his journey to an epiphanic moment of realisation and revelation of Christ's love and forgiveness in 2000.

Since that time, Pridmore has dedicated his life to serving Christ and “leading others to the knowledge of God's unrelenting mercy and compassion”, and spent time working with Mother Teresa.

“It was incredible to hear John give details of his crimes and prison time, to the good work that he does now,” said student Shauna Kirwan.

“I think John was really honest, and everyone can relate to that honesty,” said Kyle Phelan.