Laois children shine on stage for Music Generation gig

Children from St Francis School and Paddock NS unite to sing at a Music Generation Laois forum

Laois children shine on stage for Music Generation gig

Laois schoolchildren with learning difficulties recently formed a choir to give a stage performance that impressed music tutors from all over Ireland.

The students from St Francis' School in Portlaoise joined with Paddock NS Mountrath to perform at a forum on Inclusive Music Education, held at Portlaoise Youth Education Centre.

Music Generation Tutors had come from all over Ireland to the centre for the forum.

They were treated to a joyful and moving performance by the Inclusive Choir, which had Jack Holmes as Pianist.

The children “shone” said Rosa Flannery, Co-ordinator of Music Generation Laois.

“The performers received an unprecedented response from the audience, the visiting musicians were extremely impressed with the work happening in Laois in this area, and the children absolutely shone throughout,” she said.

The forum on February 17 highlighted the unique Music Box programmes by Music Generation Laois, which runs performance music education classes in St Francis School and Kolbe Special School in Portlaoise.

Music Generation Laois began delivering The Music Box Programme in Portlaoise in 2012.

“We are now one of the leading counties in the area of music education for children and young people with special needs,” she said.

The forum included discussions and workshops.

Music Generation Laois Tutor Ros O Meara, provided an insight into The Music Box Programme, and the work he undertakes in Kolbe Special School.

For more information on Music Generation Laois, see or call 057 8664176.