Bonding day for Mountrath Transition Year students

Transition Year

Bonding day for Mountrath Transition Year students

By Cian Mills

New transition years in Mountrath Community School enjoyed an day of bonding activities at the start of their school year.

Ben's Surf School from Lahinch made a return to the school to run the activities.

The enthusiastic four tutors had the students giving one hundred and ten percent during all the activities.

They started the day with a team building challenge. They took a long ropeand put all the students on one side and began to swing it. Every student had to get to the other side in a given time limit.

At the start everyone was individually and frantically running to the other side, but as the time limit got shorter they had to work together, listen to each others ideas and devise a plan.

Once they found a plan and bonded as a team they crossed the rope in an astounding two seconds, with lots of celebrations.

The next activity challenged students to get from one rope to another with a limited amount of steps.

This limitation invoked creative thinking, solved when students lined up like a bridge and everyone else crossed on their feet.

For the final activities they were split into three groups, one played team building games the other orientering and the final group archery.

At this stage the bonding day had made everyone so comfortable with each other that they were cheering and supporting each other on.

As the day ended it left nothing but happy transition year students who enjoyed bonding with each other.

Sean O'Connor was among the happy TY students.

“It was a fun day and helped me get to know everyone better,” he said.

The TY coordinator is teacher Mary Gannon.

“The day is an integral part of the TY experience,” she said.