A 'Laois' man going to the World Cup in Russia with Denmark?

One Laois village could have an ancestor playing in Russia

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



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Ireland conquerors Denmark could have one player with Laois roots going to the World Cup.

Well, at least that's the view of Thomas Delaney's namesake Pat Delaney, Camross notes correspondent with the Leinster Express.

Wikipedia says Delaney was born in Denmark and spent his entire upbringing there. His father was also born in Denmark but has American citizenship due to his father, Thomas Delaney's paternal grandfather, being born in the United States.

But Pat believes there could be Laois roots in 'Tommy's' genes.

"As the World knows now Ireland will not be going to Russia for the World cup after the Danish pasting last Tuesday. However in the year when Camross enjoyed so much success we could yet claim a connection," writes Pat in this week's community notes for the Leinster Express.

"Tommy Delaney was outstanding for the Danes and according to the official match programme his grandparents were Irish and although not yet confirmed we believe his great great grand parents may have spent time living in Glendine and for now we will settle for that and who knows any different it’s a great Glendine name and the original house was demolished when the forestery men of those days planted hundreds of acres," concludes Pat.  

Thomas as a midfielder for Bundesliga side SV Werder Bremen