Leinster Express readers mixed views on lifting Good Friday alcohol ban

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Leinster Express readers mixed views on lifting Good Friday alcohol ban

Leinster Express readers mixed views on lifting Good Friday alcohol ban

The Dáil recently passed legislation that will allow pubs to serve alcohol on Good Friday.

An amendment to the Intoxicating Liquor Act introduced by a number of independent Senators was tabled in the Dáil.

The sale of alcohol will now be allowed on Good Friday on March 30, 2018 for the first time.

Leinster Express ran a poll when the news was announced on January 25 and the results are very mixed.

A surprising 58% of people who voted in the poll said that they did not agree with lifting the new ban that allows the sale of alcohol on Good Friday.

The remaining 42% of voters said that they did agree with lifting the ban on the sale of alcohol on Good Friday.

Readers outlines their views on both sides on the Leinster Express Facebook page.

"Nope!!! Two days a year!!! Only two days did we close our pubs, and that is starting to change, then they want zero tolerance drinking ban!! Hold on sure, we'll open up good Friday for good measure!! Our country is well and truly dying away," said Olive Ol Grant.

"Absolutely agree with it - the laws to keep them closed and not serve drink on good Friday are old archaic religious laws ... the church doesn’t have that grip on Ireland anymore. Most other business’s and companies open on good Friday, so why differentiate between pubs and restaurants ..." said Gwen Westman Nolan.

"About time this change came in.how a religious idea can determine whether or not a company can do business is pretty out dated if you ask me," said Niall Treacy.

"No I really think it was an unnecessary vote this country is allowing it's culture to drain away," said Frances Doheny.

"No I don't agree with it what's happening to Ireland it's slowly ignoring our values what's next Xmas. I hate to think what kind of society our grandchildren will be living in," said Anna Creedon. 

"Fairly sad reflection of our country if people can't stay out of the pub for at least one day in the year," said Michael McEvoy.

What do you think?

See the original poll here.

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