Harnessing help pays for Camross

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Harnessing help pays for Camross

Captivating Camross

Camross was weclomed back to the Tidy Towns after a year's abscence in the adjudicator's report which paid tribut to the committee.

“Working together is certainly working well for Camross. The list of agencies, groups and individuals that you work with is so impressive. You are certainly harnessing the skills, talents and resources from within your community,” said the report.

Camross scored a creditable 273 out of 450 marks available.

‘Idyllic’ Spink

Spink's achievement is a testament a community gathering together in an area they appreciate as home.

“It is lovely to see you feel that your residents, by taking an interest in how the area looks, have embraced the rural idyllic countryside you live in,” said the adjudication.

Spink's work paid off with a six mark rise to 262 this year.

Pike of Rushall encouragment

Pike-of-Rushall was congratulated and encouraged on its second year in the competition after seven years gap.

The judges urged the group get help and ad vice from Laois County Council's and other committees to overcome obstacles.

“ There is no need to reinvent the wheel” said the adjudication report.

Nevertheless, Spink enjoyed a big eight point rise achieving 241 points.

Errill emerges

After six years out in the cold Errill surged back into the Tidy Towns with high points total of 291.

“You are very welcome back to the Tidy Towns competition after an absence of six years. You are making very positive strides. Many other groups of your size envy a committee of 12,” said the adjudicators.

A three year plan is recommended as a next step.