The Nose of Tralee Laois winner wants your votes

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

The Nose of Tralee Laois winner wants your votes

Toby who is proudly representing Laois in the Nose of Tralee

Laois Rose Sarah Bergin is not the only one preparing to represent her county proudly next weekend.

The Nose of Tralee, a nationwide charity doggy competition, has a lovely Laois dog this year who is looking for online votes.

Toby, a five month old Corgi from Portlaoise can even write letters, if his requests for votes are to believed! 

"Dear humans,

You should vote for me because my four short legs are so adorably cute. I am a 20 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. My name is Toby. I love being with people and playing with everyone, big and small. I always say, "hello" to people.

My Mammy says I am an absolutely gorgeous boy. I get lots of attention, and I am not complaining.

I think I am smart and clever. I know if I give people my paw, and play fetch I will get treats. Hee hee hee.

Life can be embarrassing for me though...... I cannot jump up on things. People have to pick me up. Everytime I play with my toys on the sofa, I use my nose to push my toys onto the floor, and then bark at them, because I expect them to pick them up for me because I won't be able to get back up on sofa by himself, if I jump off for the toys myself.

I love to look good, I am a bit of a fashion expert, especially when I go to visit his Mommy's familiy and friends' houses. I particularly love my collars, bows and ties.

I am also a bit of a detective. I am very inquisitive and love sticking my nose into everything and anything. As soon as there is a puzzle to be solved my ears stand up and I get to work.

Today my Mommy said, "You totally melt my heart every day. You're the best thing in my life. I would be totally lost without you and I wouldn't swap you for any other dog or a million euro."

I am a very lucky dog, who is loved and cared for like all dogs and pets should be.

Yours thankfully,

Toby, from Laois

His owner is Fiona McDonald, from Esker Hills in Portlaoise.

"I am so happy that my dog Toby won the Laois Nose of Tralee and he is in the final with 31 other counties," she told the Leinster Express.

"I think my dog should win because his four short little legs are so adorable. He is a 5 months old pembroke Welsh corgi. He is a absolutely gorgeous boy and gets a lot of my attention. He totally melts my heart every day and I would not be without him for anything in the world. Hes looked after the way all pets should be.

"I am asking all Laois people to please vote for Toby Laois on every day, once a day until August 27. I would really appreciate it," Fiona said.

The Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee competition, this year sponsored by Tesco Ireland, is in its 6th year. Each year crowning a new Nose on the same night as the Rose of Tralee.

Over 1,000 pets entered the competition this year - all hoping to become the 2019 Nose of Tralee. 32 Noses were selected to represent their county and a public vote will now decide between 29 dogs and 3 cats who will take the title of 2019 Nose of Tralee

The public vote will open on August 6 till August 27, 1 vote per 24 hours.

The winner will receive prizes from Sponsors Pet Sitters Ireland, Tesco Ireland, David MaCauley Photography and Pet Connection. 

See all the finalists and vote here.