Midlands group sets public a challenge to learn Irish sign language

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

Midlands group sets public a challenge to learn Irish sign language

Midlands ISL Learners has set a challenge to the public during Covid-19

A Laois based group who promote the teaching of Irish sign language is challenging everyone staying at home for the Covid-19 pandemic to learn it.

Midlands ISL Learners who have their own sign language choir are asking people to accept their quarantine challenge, in efforts to make communities more inclusive for people with hearing problems.

Over the next 25 days they will post videos to show some of the basics.

Looking for something to do in your quarantime??
Always wanted to learn Sign Language?
Well, has there ever been a more perfect time!?
We are challenging you all to learn some basic Irish Sign Language over the course of this quarantine period.
So over the next 25 days we will post videos to show you some of the basics.
Challenge accepted??
Let us know "

They put up their challenge on Wednesday morning March 25 and already have well over 100 people ready to take it on.

Click here to accept their challenge and start learning the signs.

Midlands ISL Learners is a voluntary community organisation that seeks to bridge the gap between the Deaf and Hearing communities.

"We aim to make our community a more inclusive and Deaf Friendly place to live. Our goal is to create awareness, promote ISL and to ensure that Deaf/Hard of Hearing children and adults can work, live and play side by side with their Hearing peers without communication difficulties, whether that be in school, attending their GP or Hairdresser or ordering their food in a restaurant.

Our courses and classes are focused more on the enjoyment of learning a unique and wonderfully vibrant language and the fun that is had within our groups, where the history of the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture are acknowledged, discussed and illustrated.

Midlands ISL Learners opened in March 2017 and has over 100 members and a waiting list for its courses. They also teach Transition Year students and some of the children attending our classes have started ISL clubs in their own schools.

“Midlands ISL Learners will have an impact on, help and support an entire community, no matter what age, race, background, religion, social status or ability."