The club are looking for anyone that might have any old photographs of Timahoe players, teams or indeed any photos information in relation to athletics, camoige, track and field or any GAA related information. Please contact Secretary Michael Miller, we are trying to establish a Libary of Photographs/Information for our clubhouse.


The playground is coming near completion and the committee would like to thank everyone who subcribed to our Christmas draw of late. We are indebted to the local commuinity for your genorosity and we hope that there will be years of enjoyment for the childern of the village to be got from the playground.


Thanks to Andy Bergin, Roghan Headen, Liam Cooney and John Delaney for the erection of the Christmas lights and also to the Parish FAS scheme for the Christmas Crib. The Green looked very well this Christmas. The battle with litter and cigerette butts continues, please use bins provided.


Just a little reminder to all dog owners to ensure that their dogs wherabouts is always known coming into lambing season, to ensure the safety of the livestock.


Well done to the Local childern from 5th and 6th class of the National school who won the Envoirnmental Awareness/Appreciation award at the BT Young Scienist (Primary) competition last week. It is a great acheivement for all concerned to highlight one of the 2 natural eskers in Ireland. The Esker in Timahoe is considered the best of the two in Ireland and a lovely new walk way has been established there in recent years. Call down, as the evenings get longer and have a stroll through a natural envoirnment left over from the Ice age.


The club has donated €150.00 to Focus Ireland recently. We held a stay awake and a disco in the hall on the 4/1/2013. The club has also donated €1,000 to the Local Playground Group in recent times. The club meet again this Frday at 8pm in our Youth cafe. Our committee will also attend the annual Foroige regional Conference in Portlaoise on the 27/01/2013 from 11am to 4pm.


A proposal to incorporate the Gathering initiative with Medley day was brought up recently, following the allocation of €1000 from the Gathering movement. A meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 5 at 9pm in the Tower Inn regarding same. It is proposed to invite all people with connections to Timahoe to attend the event and rekindle old memories and share stories and to bring new exciting events to our annual day. Anyone that would like to meet up, help and discuss this event, please attend.