Leinster Express Times Past January 1833 - Lalor accused of mob oratory

January 26, 1833 Catholic MP’s ‘mob oratory’

January 26, 1833 Catholic MP’s ‘mob oratory’

State of the Country. The various journals from the disturbed counties continue to supply us with statements of outrage of the most alarming character. To give in detail the particulars would occupy more space that we can spare; however such occurrences contain such a similarity of atrocity, that with the exception of names, place, and dates, the recital would be “a twice told tale.”

Mr. Gale and Mr. (Patrick) Lalor, a few days ago, addressed the people at Arles Chapel in their usual style of mob oratory. The following specimen from Mr. Lalor’s speech deserves particular notice. I speaking of the freeholders who voted for Sr C. H. Coote he says:-

“The people have it in their power to chastise them. I do not mean they shall do any injury to their persons or property; I mean no such thing: the people can deal with them as officers in the army do with their fellows whom they dislike--they put them in Coventry--they do not speak to them--they have nothing to do with them: we can do the same--we will not buy from them--we will not sell to them--we will have nothing to do with them. This is the way we should chastise them.”


On Sunday morning of Apoplexy, after a short illness, sincerely and deservedly regretted, Mary Anne Eleanor Mosse, only Daughter of the late Lewis Tenison Mosse, Esq. of Bellgrove, Maryborough.


On Monday, the 14th instant, at Balintogher, Queen’s County, the Lady of Dawson Warburton French, Esq. of a Daughter.