Leinster Express Times Past January 1913 - Major takes final salute

January 25, 1913

January 25, 1913

An interesting assembly took place at the Military Barracks, Maryborough, on Friday evening last, the day on which Major J. Duffield reached the age limit, and was compelled by military regulations to sever his official connection with the Leinster Regiment after a long and honourable service of 34 years.

It is quite unusual in military circles for sergeants to take any notice of the retirement of officers, but the sergeant of the 4th Leinsters thought it was their duty to make an exception for Major Duffield.

He knew them all, and was acquainted with their various characteristics from the first day they each joined the service.

Quarter-Master Sergeant Hicks, in the absence on leave of Sergeant-Major W. Crozier, in a few well chosen words stated the object of the gathering, and asked Major Duffield to accept, as a small token of their great respect for him, a beautiful diningroom marble clock, which bore the inscription:-”Presented by the Members Sergeants’ Mess, 4th Leinster Regiment, to Major J. Duffield, on his retirement, 16th January, 1913.”

The proceedings were enlivened by several good songs and concluded at about 11 p.m. with the usual “Auld Lang Syne,” and the shouldering of the guest to the strains of a “Jolly Good Fellow.”

With a parting of “God Bless you All,” Major Duffield severed his connection with the active army.

* We are glad to learn that Major Duffield, who has identified himself with matters concerning the town, so far as his military duties would allow, has, for the present, decided to remain in Maryborough


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