Community & Voluntary Awards Categories . . .

Arts, Culture & Heritage

Arts, Culture & Heritage

This award recognises groups who enhance their local areas, by conserving , protecting and promoting the Arts, Culture and Heritage of their local community through collective creative activities. Examples include: drama, music, literature, arts, festivals, conservation and heritage.

Children & Youth in

Fun and Education

This award recognises groups for their work and support to Children and Young people, looking at their capacity to contribute to the development of children and young people and to improve the services that are available to them. Examples include: community childcare services/facilities, youth groups, also those who work with children with additional needs and disabilities.


This award recognises groups that are working to enhance their local environment from a social or environmental perspective and create a sense of community & pride in their local area. Examples include: Residents Associations, Community Development Groups, Tidy Towns / Village groups and environmental groups.

Sport & Leisure

This award recognises groups that promote the benefits of sport and physical activity for the well being of their community, whether it be for health and fitness, working with groups such as younger children or older adults or improving community spirit. Examples include: Sports clubs, indoor and outdoor activities and physical activity programmes.

Community Services

and Support

This award recognises the work that groups undertake across a range of activities in their local area that provide a valuable service to the local community to ensure a good quality of life by enhancing a state of physical, mental and social well being. This includes support for older people, those with disabilities, those marginalised in our community, community development associations, community initiatives etc.

Unsung Hero

This award recognises an individual for the outstanding contribution by one person to community / voluntary life in their local area and / or the wider community.

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