Leinster Express Quotes of the Week

Alison (left) and Melissa (right) pictured with Joe Duffy at the launch of Organ Donor Awareness Week in March 2013 when Alison was receiving dialysis treatment.


“What Melissa has done for me is just amazing and I am overwhelmed. Within three days of the transplant I could feel that I had so much more energy and no longer feel the tiredness which drained me. I’ve got the colour back in my cheeks.”

Kidney recipient Alison Honner on receiving a donation of a kidney from her sister Melissa


“How would you feel if a drunken driver killed your two children? This is your third conviction for drink driving, I have to protect the public.”

Judge Catherine Staines, sentencing a Cork man to ten months for drug driving


“We’re seeing an upsurge of robberies, all a feature of Portlaoise. We are constantly striving to provide a service in the rural community”

Chief Superintendant John Scanlon, who was speaking last week about crime figures across Laois for the third quarter of this year.