A run with the fox hounds

The following sketch of a run with fox-hounds is from the pen of MJ Gannon, Esq, High Sheriff of Kildare.

The following sketch of a run with fox-hounds is from the pen of MJ Gannon, Esq, High Sheriff of Kildare.

The morning of the meet at Craigmore Hall broke bright and freshly. I was early spring but the violet, so beloved by the naturalists, so abhorred by this sportsman, could no yet be acented by the knowing nostril. The bracing of the elastic air vibrated with the evidence of animal life and was fragrant with those grateful offerings - that frankincense and myarh which nature sends forth from her bosom as a tribute to God.

With time is there like the early days of Spring when the Winter has jsut gone, whe life has just begun to breathe in the air, and the keen enjoyment of renovated existence is all the more felt from the short time which has elapsed since the winds of Winter raved, and its piercing cold chilled the blood?

“What a morning for hunting?” were the first words said by almost every one of the guests as they descended about nine o’clock to the breafast-room at Craigmore Hall.

“Aye” said Mr Sellinger, “this is something like a morning. Nice light rain last night, with juste heat enough today, will make the cent burning; and if we can find a good fox there will be ‘catch me wo can’ before many minutes I tell you. Of tween the great plenty of game and the late severe weather, which must have driven in all outlying foxes, the chances are ten to one in favour of a find.”

“Yes,” all very well, Sellinger,” said Mr Moreton, who had brought down his pair of best hunters from near Dublin, and was determined to show the member s of the hunt how men could reid who hailed from the Melton Mowbray of Ireland; “But I well remember last time I was down here there was no restraining of the crowd, who surrendered the covert on all sided and would not allow the fox to break. If that game is played again today farewell to hunting” “You will see no repetition of the kind, be assured,” said Mr Sellinger with a bitter smile.

The truth was, he had threatened with speedy ejectment from their holdings any person who should be found within half a mile of the covert in any direction.