The ‘Col’ is now ‘Danceland’

December 8, 1966

December 8, 1966

“The Old Order Changeth”. Once the centre of social functions in the Midlands, the Coliseum Ballroom, Portlaoise, having changed hands, is now “Danceland” one of a chain of such venues controlled by Reynolds Brothers. Wednesday night saw a mighty crowd attend the opening dance a this completely changed Ballroom. The most modern techniques have been utlised and a Canadian maple floor of commodious capacity replaces the old.

A huge arc light adorns the spacious entrance and shows in bold relief the new name of the hall. The old-style cloakroom has given way to the new idea of tiers of hangers, which make the work of the attendants easier.

The lighting effects leave nothing to be desired. The new blue-blended roof holds concealed multi-coloured lights, which can be utilised for the various novelty purposes of present-day socials. The old bar and mineral accommodation has undergone a vast change for the better.

The balcony is the only portion which patrons of the old “Col” may recognize in outline. However, here, too, great changes have been made. Heating and cooling apparatus, worked by means of vents, are of the ultra-modern type and should afford many advantages.

Festive lights

Portlaoise Development Association and a number of traders in Lower Main Street, Portlaoise, have arranged to put up Christmas lighting. The lighting equipment will be the property of the traders subscribing to the scheme.

Bank Transfer

Mr. Raymond Molloy, a clerical staff member of the Munster and Leinster Bank, Portlaoise, has been transferred to Bunclody branch.