Emo Rath Community Games

Emo Rath Community Games

Community Games athletics finals. We came away with 22 individual medals, eight gold, eight silver and six bronze. We also came away with four of our relay teams winning gold which is a total of 24 gold medals just in the relays, one relay team came in 3rd giving us a further six bronze medals and our 6th relay team came in 4th place. That’s a grand total of 32 gold medals, eight silver and 12 bronze.

Individual winners Chloe Keenan, Emma Lawlor, Gillian Keenan, Rebecca Balfe, Juilette Boland, Aoife Langford, Una Hetherington, Kitty Deacy, Sinead O’Rourke, Zoe Keegan; Jack Balfe, Dylan Strong, Evan Harding, Eoin Keenan, Eoin Fitzpatrick, Thomas Scully, Padraic Langford, John Henry Ward, Conor McMahon, Cian Davis, Eddie Allen, Donal Hetherington.

Relay teams Juilette Boland, Rebecca Balfe, Kitty Deacy, Emma Doyle subs Doireann Mc Garry and Ciara Langford. Paul O’Flynn, Eddie Allen, Tommy Keegan, Michael Doyle subs Paddy Hosey and Diarmuid Owens. Donal Hetherington, Gillian Keenan, Aoife Mooney, Sean O’Flynn subs Emma Lawlor and Eoin Keenan. Clodagh Brogan, Aoife Langford, Chloe Langford, Zoe Keegan subs Sinead O’Rourke and Rachel Mc Garry. Evan Harding, Brian Ryan, Jason Woods Eoin Fitzpatrick subs Evan Pender and Thomas Scully. Cian Davis, Chloe Keenan, Molly O’Toole, David Costello subs Eva O’Conor and Edward Boland.

Also competed were Grace Hartigan, Nicole Strong, Ava O’Conor, Ciara Doyle, Molly O’Toole, Georgia McGarry, Emma Doyle, Doireann McGarry, Danial Boland, David Costello, Ryan Little, Edward Boland, Jake Andrews, MIchael Doyle, Paul O’Flynn, Nathan Little, Brian Ryan, Ciara Langford, Alex Andrews, Leona Strong, Rachel McGarry, Tommy Keeganthrew, Jason Woods.