timahoe TIDY TOWNS

timahoe TIDY TOWNS

Please help keep the village clean and tidy. If you are out walking and see rubbish or see something to be done, your help would beappreciated.


Medley day is on June 29 at 2pm, all the usual attractions are on display. Bouncing castle, juvenile races, sponge throwing, bottle stall, penny on the square, milk the cow, and the needle in the hay stack. The annual donkey derby will take place too and all donkeys are encouraged to part take. The Laois Rose Terersa Brennan will judge the kids fancy dress competition and all kids are encouraged to get involved and take part. Please support this great family day out. The night will finish off with music from The Bluffers and Colm Cahill.


Best of luck to all school children in their exams.


As the dust settles after the recent local election, the community should be proud of the fact that we had three Timahoe men considered so highly by their respective parties that they were nominated to run.

Congrats to Paschal McEvoy on his victory. We wish Dick Miller and James Daly, both former councillors, the very best and thank them for their great work serving Timahoe down through the years.