Endeavour Award for colourful Killenard

Killenard received the Endeavour Award this year, having achieved 16 extra marks, up to 253.

Killenard received the Endeavour Award this year, having achieved 16 extra marks, up to 253.

The fast growing committee were praised for engaging with Killenard Historical Society, the council and Laois Partnership, the Heritage Resort and Port Credit Union, the local residents and school. Their three year plan was well received.

The contrast of new and old buildings was admired, such as the modern Naomh Eoin NS and the historic church and community centre.

The neighbourhood centre with landscaped carpark was a “lovely addition”, and Hanleys, the Colour Bomb and the clothing gallery looked well, as did the thatched pub and the Heritage resort. Judges looked forward to the completion of work at Mount St Annes.

They encouraged the committee’s work with the council regarding a derelict building near the graveyard.

Landscaping scored highly with particular mention for the area at the bus stop. A combination of colourful flower beds, landscaped perennial beds and carefully maintained lawn and trees was admired, as was the use of hedging. Landscaping brightened up the community centre, and the tree planting project was praised.

The use of shrubs to encourage insects was praised, also the bird box and insect resort projects, and the judges were “delighted” with the ongoing wildlife survey. The committee were commended on planting wild flowers and encouraging biodiversity.

There was a high standard of litter control..

“An impressive performance, no doubt as a result of your regular litter picking patrols and anti litter campaigns,” the report noted.

The introduction of brown bins, water butts, recycling and segregation was noted. The standard of tidiness was very high, and the village excelled on verge maintenance, weed control and signage.

Residential estates scored very highly, in particular Killenard Lodge and Carriglea, while individual houses and gardens were of a very high standard. Approach roads were neat and tidy, road surfaces throughout were very good too.

A very strong performance was reported overall for Killenard.

The judge credited the hard work and dedication of the committee, and the strong support from local residents and businesses.