Times Past

Brayo’s Trick

Brayo’s Trick

“Hello, what’s the matter with you?” laughed Shortem, as he saw young Brayo coming along looking very miserable, and keeping his eyes on the ground. “What have you lost?”

“I’m looking for a shilling,” said Brayo. “Come and help me.”

“Rather! Findings keepings, eh?” shouted Shortem as he jumped over the wall and started to search for all he was worth.

He looked everywhere. He scratched up all the ground and looked under every pebble, for it was well known that he was the greediest pig in the neighbourhood.

But not a trace of the shilling could he find.

He even looked twice in the same place to see if he could possibly have overlooked it in his excitement.

But no, the shilling refused to be found.

Still Shortem would not be discouraged, but kept on searching very carefully.

After a while, Brayo stopped looking and stood watching Shortem.

“You don’t seem very anxious to find your shilling yourself?” said Shortem, “and I tell you if I pick it up I’m going to stick to it. By the way, whereabouts did you say you dropped it?”

“I never said I dropped it,” laughed Brayo, “I was only looking for one somebody else might have dropped. I shouldn’t have told if I’d lost one. Oh no, I’m not such a donkey as I look.”

And with that Brayo flew for his life, and didn’t wait to hear what Shortem thought of him.