A right bollards of Main Street

“The town of bollards.”

“The town of bollards.”

That would soon be Portlaoise’s title, forecast Cllr Kathleen O’Brien at the town council monthly meeting last week.

Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald: (The bollards) are a disgraceful sight on Main Street. Something has to be done.”

Cllr Elaine Dunne: “It’s time that the county council held up their hands and admitted that they made a hames of Main Street. They are throwing good money after bad.”

Mayor Joe McCormack had a feeling that money would be well spent on buying hearing aids for the people in the county council’s “inner sanctum”.

He elaborated: “I am after asking 20 times... the people of Portlaoise do not want bollards. They want two safe footpaths and the Main Street tarmacadamed. Either the council officials need hearing aids or they don’t want to know. This town has got to be put right.”

The mayor added: “If you looked at the bollards too long you would probably trip. You would become bleary eyed.”

Adopted was Cllr Willie Aird’s proposal, seconded by Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald, calling on the county council either to repair, or remove, broken and damaged Main Street bollards.

“No work has been done on the Main Street for some time,” Cllr Aird complained.

“Bollards are being replaced by heavier bollards that do more damage. There is nothing as bad as bent-over and badly maintained bollards. Are the county council just totally ignoring us?”

Cllr Elaine Dunne: “The county council should go back to the drawing board for Main Street. They should begin a new consultative process with the users of the street and business people. These people’s constitutional right to earn a living is being interfered with by decisions into which they have no input.”

Cllr Martin Dunne: “The craftsman was hijacked from Main Street. We will have to have a whole re-think on Main Street when the broadband goes in.”

Cllr Brian Stanley: “Some account has to be taken of truck drivers making deliveries. The loading bays are way too narrow.”