Seasonal recipies from the year of the Great Lock out

The Christmas Puddings

The Christmas Puddings

Don’t buy cheap, dry, sugary fruit; it is false economy. Use beef suet, not mutton, which has a tallowy falvour. “Prepared suet” is very good for puddings, but fresh is best for mincemeat. Brown or white breadcrumbs or some of each can be used.

Fruit for mincemeat should never be cleaned with flour; it should be washed and slowly dried. The pudding mixture should soak for an hour before boiling for the ingredients to plim.

Apple currant Roly Poly

Six large cooking apples, half pound brown or caster sugar. Six ouzes of currants, the rind of a lemon chopped finely, a little nutmeg.

Pare Core and cut the apples into slices, put them into a saucepan with the lemon rind and sugar , cook till soft, and add the nutmeg. Have ready a rather rich suet crust, roll it out thinly, spread the apples over the paste, sprinkle over the currants, roll the pudding up, closing the ends properly , tie in a floured cloth and boil for two hours.

Tomato Sauce

Put as many ripe tomatoes into an earthen jar as required, set the jar in a moderately-heated oven until they are quite soft, then rub the pulp through a fine sieve. Weigh this, and to every two pounds of juice, add a teaspoonful of salt, three lumps of sugar, three cloves of garlic pounded, a quarter of an ounce of black pepper; add to these the juice of a lemon, a gill of walnut catsup, simmer the whole until the consistency of cream; allow to cool then put into wide neck bottles, cork and cover with wax or bladder.