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The Modern woman By Sylvia Mayfair

The Modern woman By Sylvia Mayfair

“When I see a lady wasting her time with lipstick and powder puff, I feel inclined to remind her that from the beginning of all time it has been a cooking pot, not the paint pot, that has won affections of man said M Almoz who also had a few words to say about the modern woman. Here they are:

A sign of the present times is that there is far less dieting undertaken today than was the case some years ago, to slim herself down to a skeleton and she also takes much more excercise than her mother did, with the result that she digests her good better and has no tendency to grow out in the wrong places!

With the spread of education, the young wife of today has learned that hospitals are places in which persons who are run down usually wind up!

A few years ago three women out of five would refuse to eat potatoes with their meals but now not more than one in ten would pass them by.

Women’s sixth sense

Ladies we are permitted to take a bow. We have beeen greatly honoured; our qualities and capabilities in at least one industry have received recognition and that eulogy came from none other than the Chairman of the National Advertising Benevolents’ Fund.

Speaking at the funds dinner in London, he said that the time was passed when confirmed bachelors could pose as authorities on women’s cosmetics and goods.

Women had a sixth sense in advertising and for years men had usurped this role which rightly belonged to them.

“The best criticism I have ever had on an advertisement.” he said came from a woman.

“As a matter of fact it is my wife and not I who selects photographs for advertising well know products”.

I left the dinner feeling that it was a good life, somehow.

Living Brooches

One of the quaintest fashions I have seen for some time was that favoured by a woman I met the other day.

I noticed on her coat what I took to be a finely worked model of a green lizard.

I remarked on its fineness and noticed her smile. She whistled softly and the “ornament” moved its head.