Top score Bridie Kavanagh Windsor Katie Bennett Cuddagh 1st lady Elizabeth Cooper Coolrain 2nd lady Nell Conroy Clough Sadie Delaney Kyledellig 1st gent M. Slevin Clough 2nd gent K. Conroy Clough. Halves Kathleen Kennedy Camross Una Cahill Cuddagh. Raffle winners Mary Dunne Currawn Sadie Delaney Kyledellig Mary Fennelly Cuddagh. A vote of sympathy was passed with the Bates family Coolrain on the recent death of Mollie.


Knockaroo Community Centre, Friday February 28, 9.30pm.


Sympathy to Miriam Coss Ashbrook and extended family and the Breen family Ballaghmore on the recent death of her father Phil Breen.