‘To be or not to be’ that is the question

The long-awaited and much-needed public toilet for Portlaoise may not materialise as soon as most people would like.

The long-awaited and much-needed public toilet for Portlaoise may not materialise as soon as most people would like.

At the December meeting of the Town Commission it was stated that residents near the proposed site, Abbeyleix Road, would object to having such a structure “up against their back doors”.

Mr Jerry Lodge asked the members what news they had about the proposed public toilet.

The Manager, Mr E M Murray said that he had been out of touch with the matter. Note- Mr Murray had been on leave due to having been involved in an accident. He was welcomed back by the members and the “Press”.

Mr T Keenan said he was afraid that it might be many years to come before what they had been advocating for would become a reality. From the first meeting he, Mr Keenan attended, in 1950, thirteen years ago, they had been raising the question at almost every meeting, year in, year out.

It had reached the stage where the county council had reached the final stages in their communications with the board of works. The cost etc, had been agreed upon.

There was a very strong objection said Mr Keenan who added that he believed that the residents in the area had no desire to see such facility ‘perched at their back doors’.

The residents, he said, did not feel it was the nature of the people who made use of such places to use them properly. If it was not properly used for there would be a strong objection.

Mr Keenan said that he had a feeling it would never be erected or that at least it would take “many a long year”. It was a shame that in a growing town, which was developing more and more, that they had not such an amenity long ago. There was a continuous influx of people, tourists etc and it was a grave reflection on the town that they were still so primitive. Only for the provisions made in hotels etc there would be no amenity of that type at all for the people. If they wanted to progress at all they would have to erect such a very necessary structure.

Mr M Scully said it was a matter that should be pursued by the council in view of the statement made by Mr Keenan. The manager said that the council had debated the subject in full and the site in question was the only one they could get.

Mr Bannon said they should get an alternative site.

The Manager commented that if they get another site they might have to wait for another ten years.

Mr Bannon said that they should try to get a site near the bridge, it would prove admirable in every respect.

Mr Lodge said that he would like to know if objections could be upheld towards the erection of the toilets at the Abbeyleix Road. The proposed site is a distance from all houses.