One good idea pays off for Mountmellick

ON May 3, the Mountmellick CS Communergy team travelled to Dublin Castle to attend the national finals of the One Good Idea competition.

ON May 3, the Mountmellick CS Communergy team travelled to Dublin Castle to attend the national finals of the One Good Idea competition.

The group had an exhibition on the day, which consisted of a giant iPad. This had apps representing all the work they had completed throughout their energy saving campaign. They also brought their two energy-saving show houses, which went on display.

Firstly, two of eleven judges came around to the exhibition and spent 10 minutes talking to the group about their campaign as well as asking many questions about it. They had a lot of information to fit inside the time.

Then after a while the head judge came to chat to them for just two minutes. Their display was a success and the group felt they did very well, with all their hard work paying off.

“The people at Dublin Castle seemed very impressed by our campaign, and we were delighted to be there and amazed at the standard of the other school’s entries,” said one of the group members.

“The team put so much work into the whole competition. “It was great to see that all our workshops and energy saving events paid off as the Communergy team were announced as junior winners of the competition,” she added.

It was a great achievement for the school to have reached the final, and to come out as winners of our category was an even better surprise for the delighted students.

Each team member won an iPod Nano, speakers and a €25 iTunes voucher. The school also won €500, a trophy and a plaque.

“The whole day was a great day and we were very proud to be on the Communergy team, representing our school and County Laois. We are very grateful to anyone who participated or helped us to do so well, and are delighted with all our achievements,” said the group.

The One Good Idea project is organised by SEAI and supported by the Better Energy programme and the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

The aim of the project is to increase students understanding of energy efficiency and climate change by encouraging them to take individual and collective responsibility for tackling these important issues and to highlight how one good idea can make a big difference to our pockets, ourselves and the planet.

The Communergy team aimed to raise awareness about saving energy in their local community.

They targeted their fellow students, their teachers, local primary school and local businesses. The team ran an extensive campaign in both Laois and Dublin.

They created a number of different materials such as posters, held a series of events throughout their campaign including a fashion show, workshops, an energy awareness evening at the open night in their school, getting out on the streets of Dublin promoting their campaign, and a flash mob in a supermarket.

They wrote press releases and received significant amount of coverage in the local media.

The campaign was supported by a social media campaign using Facebook, which was used to keep people updated on their events, and they regularly posted images and films of their activities. They even had an endorsement from Brian Kennedy through twitter.