3,000 books go from Abbeyleix to Nigeria

The FEC students with the centre's old schoolbooks
Laois students have gone the extra mile to help people in the world who are less well off

Laois students have gone the extra mile to help people in the world who are less well off

Abbeyleix Further Education Centre Leaving Certificate 2 students - Dawn La Combre, Mary McDonald and Antoinette Carroll - undertook a project to sort out all the old academic books the centre had gathered over the years.

A lot of the books have become outdated over the years as new books are being constantly published. The girls researched the internet to come up with some useful way of disposing of the books.

To their delight they came across a scientist Dr Magnus Amajirionwu, from the Environmental Protection Agency at Johnstown Castle Estate in Wexford who came up with an idea which would see over 3,000 volumes of educational books being donated to primary and secondary schools in his homeland of Nigeria.

Dr. Amajirionwu spear-headed a mobile library project that delivers books to schools with very few resources in the Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri in Southeast Nigeria. The project benefited greatly from a donation of a ten year old van from the EPA to this worthy cause.

The mobile library will be shipped through Dublin Port to Lagos.

From Lagos it will be driven 600 miles to Owerri. Shipment costs have been kindly underwritten by Irish Aid, Trocáire and the Knights of Columbanus. Dr. Amajirionwu has committed to continue collecting books

to replenish the library on an annual basis. Email him at uju.magnus@gmail.com for more information.

The centre staff and teachers commended Dawn, Antoinette and Mary for undertaking such a rewarding task.