All the best to the sixth class pupils starting secondary in September and to the new kids starting in Timahoe.


A great day out again this year, thanks do much to all who worked hard to ensure everything went smoothly and to all who supported it. Next year is the 60th anniversary of Medley Day so all hands on deck to celebrate the milestone.


Please help keep the village clean and tidy.


The Heritage Centre will be open from 10.30am till 2pm everyday Monday to Friday, we hope to man the centre voluntarily on Saturdays and Sundays. So if your interested please contact 087 6813116. The centre has information on The monastic site and other items of interest. All new material suitable for inclusion is very welcome. The centre it is hoped will be used periodically during the year for events and it is hoped local people will call in and take pride in this ancient beautiful Village of ours. It is a place to visit relax and spend some time, with the playground next door.