Results of last Wednesday night’s whist drive in Knockaroo Community Centre.

Top score Kathleen Kennedy Camross 1st lady Sadie Delaney Camross 2nd lady Mary Dunne Currawn 1st gent Sean Kennedy Camross 2nd gent M.Slevin Clough halves Katie Bennett Cuddagh Mai Conroy Camross. Juvenile Niamh Doheny. Raffle winners Margaret Slevin Clough 2nd & 3rd Nellie Conroy Clough.

Whist continues each Wednesday night in the centre.

Business network

Laois Chamber would like to invite business people to a networking B2B meeting in the Portlaiose Heritage Hotel on Friday, August 30 from 7am till 8.30am.

Contact 057 8621598 or email us to and we will do the rest.