The annual novena at Ladywell will commence on Friday evening next August 31 at 8pm. when the speaker will be Ned Quinn. On the following evening there will be no mass in Ballyouskill Church, instead mass will be celebrated at the shrine in Ladywell at 8.00 p.m. The novena continues until September 8.

That pothole

There is much complaining about the deterioration of certain roads in the area particularly, the Grennan road from Fermoyle Cross to Attanagh on which the famous Daddy of all potholes has again made its appearance. It is a hazard to motorists who may not be aware of its existence. Would public representatives for the area please take note and have resources made available immediately to fix this problem.

Tidy Towns

The Tidy Towns competition has now been adjudicated and the results are eagerly awaited. Many thanks to all those whose efforts have greatly improved the appearance of the village and adjoining roads. It anticipated that we should do well in this year’s competition.