Times Past Leinster Express January 1833 - ‘Refuse of Society’

January 12, 1833 MP rouses ‘refuse of society’

January 12, 1833 MP rouses ‘refuse of society’

Agitation Mission Throughout The Queen’s County.

Messrs. Lalor and Gale have, in the course of their pacification progress, through the Queen’s County, visited the County town, on the 9th instant, accompanied, as usual, by a moving mob of the must ruffianly and contemptible description, and drawn in a coach by four horses which they have hired for the above laudable and patriotic purpose.

The whole of the cortege, with the exception of some of the “exalted” relatives of the MP, was composed of the refuse of society, whether of the Black or Whitefeet community. A band played before the august demagogues, accompanied by the yells of their body guard. In order to make the most of the thing, the procession moved circuitously through the town, until it stopped opposite Fallan’s Inn, and the MP posted forth for the benefit of the peace and tranquillity of the Queen’s County, about half an hour’s conciliatory eloquence.

He took occasion to point out some individuals of the inhabitants as entitled to the regard and affection of the mob, for having voted for himself and Mr Gale. He promised to work hard to repeal the Union.

The modern Demosthenes concluded by cheering himself and his shadow, Mr Gale (who sat biting his nails duirng the harangue).


State of The Queen’s County. Intimidation and outrage proceed with all their savage effects. Person and property are alike at the mercy of the brutal miscreants, who traverse the distracted and degraded County; and the sufferers in general are actually rendering submission to the vile mandates of the mid night Legislators; and dare not even utter a complaint for their sufferings, lest they should be visited by more fatal vengeance.